Wow! I was meaning to write you! I think we are still detoxing. You were amazing before our stay and after. My group has been talking about the trip for a few weeks now and you are always one of the highlights. I had one friend(James), who told me he would not go back for Mardi Gras unless we did it VIP style and he said the experience surpassed his expectations. You truly made it turn key for us.

I also wanted to give you a personal thank you. You put up with my million phone calls and emails prior to our arrival. You always put my mind at ease. You also accommodated my million texts and phone calls during our stay. You had a lot of plates spinning at once and you always made us feel like the #1 clients. Don’t be surprised if we give you a call next time we are coming to town. It looks like October for the UCF game (hopefully).”